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1 Forums Merger on Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:20 pm



I just did a bit of summer cleaning and merged SC4 and TS3 content creation back into their respective game forums. Also, some forums were deleted or made sub-forums (a la CC creation for CXl which is now a sub-fourm of general discussion: CXL.) Tycoon games forum was deleted, and topics relating to such can now be posted about in "Other Sim Games." You will also notive that Bugs & Technical Issues for ALL games has been merged into one forum as part of Simopsis Community. Since chances are people will go other places to get help, I felt merging it all into one would be appropriate.

A new has also been launched as part of the clean-up. Consider this Simopsis 2.1.

Hope you can find everything okay, if you have any input sound off below. Smile


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